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Here at Stillwater Refuge we specialize in first-class whitetail hunts that are reasonably priced. While we enjoy hosting the trophy hunter looking for the buck of their dreams, the desire of our hearts is to see families hunting together. Our 1,000 acres of pine timber, hardwoods, creeks, food plots, and bottomland offer a variety of opportunities for exciting and challenging hunts. We offer fully guided hunts in box blinds, ground blinds, and tree stands. Proof of completion of a valid Hunter Safety Course and a Texas Hunting License is required. Hunters will be asked to prove proficiency at 25 yards with a bow and 100 yards with a rifle before hunting begins.

Whitetail Bucks:
  • 130”-150” B&C, all-inclusive, weekend hunt, in Lucy’s Lodge $3,500.00

  • 151”-170” B&C, all-inclusive, weekend hunt, in Lucy’s Lodge $5,500.00

  • 171”-190” B&C, all-inclusive, weekend hunt, in Lucy’s Lodge $7,500.00

  • 191” -210” B&C, all-inclusive, weekend hunt, in Lucy’s Lodge $9,500.00

  • 211”+ B&C, all-inclusive, weekend hunt, in Lucy’s Lodge $11,500.00



At Stillwater Refuge, we raise exotics with specifically selected characteristics: environmental adaptability, stealth, beauty, and palatability. For the hunter who enjoys pursuing exotics in the off-season, wishes to package an exotic along with a trophy whitetail, or for our campers during the summers, we have the animal(s) to complete your hunting trip.

  • Axis Deer: (Meals & Lodging not included)

Not available at this time.

  • Blackbuck Antelope: (Meals & Lodging not included)

  • Wild Hog: (Meals and Lodging not included)

  • First Hog                                $250

  • Each Additional Hog          $150

Not available at this time.

Unguided Hunt/Not capped & quartered


Father/Child Hunts


Are you interested in booking your own weekend of Dads and kids?  Let us help you put together an exceptional weekend. There is a minimum of 4 - father/child pair up to a maximum of 6.

Father/Child Hunts

“I was truly blessed to have found your ranch & to be able to hunt with outstanding guides!”  



“Had a wonderful experience. The guides were great. I got what I came for.  Can’t wait till next time.”  



“The accommodations, the guides, & oh the food!  My son & I had a memorable trip & shot some amazing bucks.  Thank you for all you do.” 


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