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*Returning 2026*

We believe that if we teach boys what it means to be Godly men, instead of trying to repair grown men, we will see the face of this nation transformed. We endeavor to do this by giving young men an opportunity to meet with God, submerged in the beauty of His creation, without all of the distractions of today’s American lifestyle.  The most powerful method we’ve encountered is to offer these young men a hunting and fishing summer camp.

What we offer:

  • 7-day/6-night stay

  • Chance to shoot an Exotic doe or pig

  • Varmit Hunting

  • Learn how to field dress & process an animal

  • Lake Activities

  • Fishing

  • Paintball

  • Skeet Shooting

  • Archery

  • Basic Survival Skills

  • Hunter Ed Certification

  • Conversations with open & trustworthy men.

  • Family Atmosphere

  • Firearms skills & Marksmanship


Do you love the outdoors and have a passion for hunting and fishing, but desire to incorporate these passions into serving others?  If you are a young man aged 18-23 who loves Jesus, has a strong work ethic, and is willing to sacrifice part of your summer for a life-changing opportunity to disciple youth - We need you!  The Manternship is a 4-week adventure comprised of staffing 2 sessions of summer camp, ranch work, bible study, and discipleship which concludes with a mission trip.


What To Bring

Camper Packing List

Please label all of your belongings!

All firearms, bows, knives and medications will be held under lock and key by the staff. 
 Space is limited, so try not to over-pack! 
 Campers will not need electronics such as iPods, cell phones, gaming systems, etc. If electronics are brought to camp, these items will be checked in and held by camp staff for the duration of camp.  Each camper will receive his Hunter’s Safety Certification during camp, so please bring his Social Security card, as this is required by the state. If your camper already has his certification make sure and bring it at check-in.

  • Bible and Notebook

  • Duffel bag or Footlocker to hold your belongings

  • Clothes for the duration of camp

  • Six complete outfits- comfortable shirts, shorts or jeans, socks and underwear. Please pack items that will not cause undue stress if torn, stained, broken or misplaced!

  • Swimsuit

  • Swim shoes/water shoes if you want them

  • Boots and other closed toe shoes

  • Camo clothing for hunting including long pants

  • A light jacket or hoodie (just in case)

  • Laundry bag that can hang on a bedpost (dirty clothes can really pile up!)

  • Pillow and Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket

  • Towels for swimming and showering

  • Hat/Cap

  • Flashlight

  • Water bottle and/or Camel back

  • Firearm (if you choose to bring one) and plenty of Ammo

  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush and tooth paste, etc)

  • Sun block and bug spray

  • Camera (no phone cameras!)

  • Personal medications (will be checked in to staff and administered by staff)

  • All hunting and fishing equipment (including license)

  • Folding camp chair

  • Paintball equipment and clothing if desired

  • Personal snacks and drinks

  • Spending cash for T-shirt and or hat

  • Pajamas- or something to sleep in

If you would like to print out the camper packing list please click on the following link.
Camper Packing List

“Experts have said experiencing nature makes kids kinder and more generous. In recent weeks, an Atlantic Monthly article also pointed to the fact that taking risks makes kids more resilient and confident.”

– Online article, “Kid Culture and Camp. What’s influencing todays kids and how you can respond.” February/March 2014

Code Of Conduct

Our goal at Stillwater Refuge is to create a fun, adventurous community that encourages Godly growth, respect and unity among campers and staff. We require every parent and camper to carefully read, discuss and sign the Code of Conduct Agreement. The code of conduct is also located in the Parent information , and Application form.

  1. I will respectfully obey camp staff at all times.

  2. I will not be part of any form of bullying: physical, verbal or relational. Stillwater Refuge reserves the discretion to apply appropriate disciplinary action based on the severity of the camper’s bullying.

  3. I understand that profanity and vulgarity have no place at camp.

  4. I will not at any time be in possession of, or talk of possession of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substance.

  5. I understand that to assist in creating a camp community involving interacting with bunkmates and gaining independence, I will not bring a cell phone, iPod, digital camera, or other electronic devices to camp. Stillwater Refuge has the right to confiscate these items when found, as they are not allowed at camp.

  6. I understand that for my safety, it is important for camp staff to know my whereabouts at all times. I will not leave the Bunkhouse after lights out unless there is an emergency.

  7. I will not damage Stillwater Refuge property or the property of others.

  8. I will be respectful of other bunkmates’ belongings and space.

  9. I realize there are exciting activities planned, various methods of hunting, Campfire discussion and Bible studies and I will be expected to participate with a good attitude. I want to be apart of everything that Stillwater Refuge has to offer and I am not being sent against my will.

  10. Finally, I understand that the consequences of not abiding by any of the code of conduct outlined here may result in immediate dismissal from camp. I also understand that I may be dismissed from camp for any conduct that negatively affects the camp experience for another camper or reflects unfavorably upon Stillwater Refuge.

What to Bring
Code of Conduct

“I love it here. No phone signal; it forces my kids to disconnect & reconnect with each other.” 



“Nonstop action, learning, & being challenged.  Oh, don’t forget Mrs. Pat’s famous buttermilk biscuits!.” 



“Every single kid that has come states that it’s the best trip ever & they beg to be invited next time.”

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